BRAND CONCEPT: Wearing the attitude/ The designer, Akira Naka encountered Taylor during his stay in America and began designing clothing. While attending The Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he was chosen for The International Fashion and Photography Festival of Hyères. After that, he studied under a designer who specializes in knitting in Antwerp and returned to Japan in 2006. He started POESIE in 2007. He began to publish his design via installations such as: "New Creators Met Together in Europe" on the 21_21DESIGN SITE, exhibitions at ROCKET GALLERY, etc. He changed the Label Name to "AKIRA NAKA" since the 09S/S season and participated in the Tokyo Collection. In the same year, he received the Best Debutante Award. One of his greatest strengths is the quality and abundance of his textiles which he uses to evolve various collections under the concept of "Wearing the attitude" since the 2016' SPRING COLLECTION. He crosses North European and Japanese hand knit techniques and uses three-dimensional cutting to create couture-like knit items with a refined silhouette design.