A brand name born from the word "multiply".
As a brand made up of people ✖︎ people, as well as multiplication of materials and colors, we want to cherish both the people who make the brand and the people involved.

Colorful: A gorgeous and euphoric way of expression.

"Color" also symbolizes "diversity". Everyone, regardless of nationality, gender, age, etc., is free to express themselves.
We hope that the time you spend wearing colorful clothes will be yourself, happy, and gorgeous.

Multiply: A design that combines different elements such as colors, materials, and patterns.

Even if different elements are combined, it is expressed so that the whole is in harmony.
Not only visible "multiply", but also various sense of values, ways of thinking, people... that we have encountered so far. Accepting (multiplying) what we think is "good" flexibly and repeating updates in my own way. It also contains the desire to change positively.

Positive: Being able to feel your potential.

We would like to people who wear, make, and get involved in the "colorful" and "multiplied" clothes to feel their potential.
We would like to everyone to have a free spirit to enjoy life freely and to challenge anything.
MULPLA is close to everyone and grows together.