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18SS Brand Lineup

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Multiple Label Showroom in Tokyo

Akane Harumi
tel 03-6433-5395




Portland-based designer and jeweler Hannah Ferrara began making minimal jewelry after searching long & hard for the pieces she herself wanted to wear. Inspired by her travels, modern design, ancient relics, and an appreciation for well made objects and heirlooms, her line Another Feather includes handcrafted metal made jewelry and simple everyday adornments paired down to their basic forms. Her collections are often described as 'jewelry for the non-jewelry wearer', and embrace the japanese concept of wabi-sabi. Each piece is designed to be worn day in and out, with a focus on comfort, material, and interaction with the body. Traditional metal smithing techniques and tools are used to craft each item, using recycled metals from sustainable sources and low impact studio practices. Each piece of jewelry is made with care and given special attention to detail, embracing natural imperfections of the hand at work.
All jewelry is handcrafted in our Portland studio.



Hofmann Copenhagen was founded in 2011 by designer Heidi Hofmann. Having previously worked for Chloé, By Malene Birger and DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, Heidi has extensive, diverse experience in the fashion industry.



BRAND CONCEPT: Wearing the attitude/ The designer, Akira Naka encountered Taylor during his stay in America and began designing clothing. While attending The Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he was chosen for The International Fashion and Photography Festival of Hyères. After that, he studied under a designer who specializes in knitting in Antwerp and returned to Japan in 2006. He started POESIE in 2007. He began to publish his design via installations such as: "New Creators Met Together in Europe" on the 21_21DESIGN SITE, exhibitions at ROCKET GALLERY, etc. He changed the Label Name to "AKIRA NAKA" since the 09S/S season and participated in the Tokyo Collection. In the same year, he received the Best Debutante Award. One of his greatest strengths is the quality and abundance of his textiles which he uses to evolve various collections under the concept of "Wearing the attitude" since the 2016' SPRING COLLECTION. He crosses North European and Japanese hand knit techniques and uses three-dimensional cutting to create couture-like knit items with a refined silhouette design.



Ponti is a fashion brand whose creative style is inspired from "Ponti-e", the drawings that express the harmless humor and satire. While keeping with the principle of basic, relaxed and minimalist style, Ponti works with different materials, aiming to create clothes that are not only comfortable but also loved for their timelessness. Humorous prints and cutwork are transformed from findings in everyday life.


LA・Small Leather Goods

Building Block is a multi-medium design project based in Los Angeles, initiated in Tokyo by sisters Kimberly & Nancy Wu. Our intention is simple: to rethink utilitarian objects through the playful balance of proportion, material quality, and construction techniques. As an exercise in minimalism, we look to clear away aesthetic assumptions and find continual inspiration in returning back to square one.



Edwina Hörl, a native of Salzburg, was the winner in 1990 of the very first Austrian fashion award for experimental fashion design, presented by the Austrian Ministry of Cultural Affairs. Self-taught as a fashion designer--she holds a Master's degree in special-needs education--Edwina Hörl worked for Yohji Yamamoto in Tokyo from 1991 to 1993, before launching her eponymous unisex label in Vienna in 1996. In 2000, she moved her studio to Tokyo, where she currently lives.

Her fashion is mainly characterized by a conceptual and interdisciplinary approach and application. Hörl's brand implies a strong message on what fashion is able to discuss, interfere with and entice reflection upon. This could be an intensive discussion about different cultures and societies, reflections on Edwina Hörl's own Austrian cultural identity, or sociopolitical trends and discourses. Beyond just fashion design, hers is a process and thinking about fashion.

Since 2008, Edwina has been teaching Textile Arts at the Department of Fashion and Styles at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

All Edwina Hörl collections have been developed with the help of her team and are not seen without her staff.



LOUSTIC is a Tokyo based RTW label with the spirit of "BASIC & EVOLUTION" designed by Makiko Sazuka who studied at ECOLE LA CHAMBRE SYNDICALE DE LA COUTURE PARISIENNE. After graduation, she went to the U.S. and started her own label in 2013, after she moved back to Japan.
Loustic has been known for the daily wear with the twist of humor in mannish and clean atmosphere.

muller of yoshiokubo


Designer: yoshio kubo
Graduated from the Philadelphia University's school of Textile & Science in 2000.
He had been working for New York haute couture designer "Robert Danes" as an assistant
designer for 4 years in New York.
"muller of yoshiokubo Spring / Summer 2007 collection" is launched from 2006.



Showcasing sure to be comemust-have
wardrobe designed for material of the designer thought of the most which is
a foundation of clothes on the concept of the collection by focused
"the scene undecorated"



clean and simple,contemporary-styled mode clothing with a sense of feminine.
military,workwear,and trad style,menswear-inspired clothing with a touch of nerdness.



Designer: yoshio kubo
Graduated from the Philadelphia University's school of Textile & Science in 2000.
He had been working for New York haute couture designer "Robert Danes" as an assistant
designer for 4 years in New York.
In April 2004, Yoshio Kubo came back to Japan to start his original label "yoshio kubo".
"yoshio kubo Spring / Summer 2009 collection" was first introduced in September, 2008 by
the Tokyo Collection.



The name Henrik Vibskov is most commonly associated not only with a fashion label, but a multitude of twisted yet tantalising universes created in relation to each collection. Henrik graduated from Central St. Martins in 2001, and as a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Mode Masculine he is currently the only Scandinavian designer on the official show schedule of the Paris Mens Fashion Week, which he has been since January 2003.



Furusawa studied under the master hat designer Akio Hirata for seven years. After acquiring the techniques of haute mode as a modiste, he left Haute Mode Hirata in 2009. In September 2014, he launched his own hat brand KAMILAVKA with the concept of a new hat, creating abundant value, featuring unconventional design mixed with elements of haute couture.




HONG KONG・Handbag/Women's

Cafuné is a modern accessories label founded by lifelong friends Queenie Fan and Day Lau in 2015. Approaching design as a gentle and intimate affair, Cafuné wishes to reconsider the notion of luxury and define it in terms of emotion and attachment between wearers and the products. At the centre of Cafuné is a strong attention to construction and details, and devotion in celebrating the materials and craftsmanship that go behind every product. Cafuné is a global brand based in Hong Kong, with aims to grow organically and expand internationally.
The co-founders have been friends since a young age. Growing up together, both had an interest in design, fashion and culture. This prompted them to promise each other that they would start a brand together one day before parting ways to study abroad.
Queenie completed her studies in the U.S and went on to work as an accessories designer for internationally renowned brands including 3.1 Phillip Lim, Coach and Rag & Bone. Day studied in the UK and worked as a specialist communications consultant upon returning to Hong Kong. The two reconnected when Queenie moved back to Hong Kong in June 2015. Having gained valuable work experience and an international exposure, Queenie and Day decided it is the perfect time to establish their own label.

Reality Studio


Svenja Specht the designer behind Reality Studio, takes her ideas from the normality that surounds her - her "Reality". It is about taking the mundane, the familiar, and twisting it - turning it upside down and inside out. The "Studio" stands for the action she is taking to do something with this "Reality".







Just size and just silhouette. Provide the best fit to everyone with 140 sizes (70 different length + 70 inches =.140)

fleur de lis


RTW label with high quality and reasonable price for Japanese women like "a flower lily in Paris".



Bobby Dazzler


Bobby Dazzler was set up by Rosie Short and Fumie Kamijo.Each one is different and all have a Story to tell.



oxygen (O2) + water (eau) = oeau
oeau is always with you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, like oxygen or water.



The brand name " mintdesigns " represents " mint ": freshness of the aromatic plant, and also " new "or" scarcity value ", as in " mint condition "mintdesigns conceives of clothing as a form of timeless product design that is not limited to thecategory of fashion. It is an item to enrich people's daily lives and sight.

One of mintdesigns'catchword is " happy mistake ", which means to take an unexpected outcomes positively. Sometimes the " failures "are more thrilling than what we originally envisioned. There are limits to how far our imaginations can fly.

Hokuto Katsui
Hokuto Katsui was born in 1973. After studying at Parsons School of Design in New York, he moved to London and graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

Nao Yagi
Nao Yagi was born in 1973. After studying art criticism at Doshisha Univerisity, she graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London.

Katsui and Yagi returned to Japan after their graduation and launched mintdesigns in 2001. The team has participated in such events as the 2003 Spring and Summer Tokyo Collection and 2008 Spring and Summer Sao Paolo Collection.

Deeply Personal


The brand operates under the slogan: your guilty pleasures are your personal features. The modern woman is so busy with everything that she is: a mother, an employee or an entrepreneur, a friend, and a wife. Society expects that she satisfies all these different roles, which makes it so easy for her to lose her true self. Therefore, a woman must allow herself some time in her life to live her guilty pleasures. And a significant part of this is shown through what she wears.




Harumi Showroom
Fujimoto Bld 4F,
2-3-2, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo, Japan,